Meetings of the Board of Directors

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Meetings of the PATACS Board of Directors are held at 7 PM on the third Monday of each month. Board meetings are held via Zoom. Members may attend, and should request Zoom meeting number and pass code via email several days in advance of the session. An agenda, membership, and financial reports are distributed to the members of the board by email prior to the meeting.

Members of the Society are invited to attend, ask questions of the officers and board members, make suggestions about the group's operations, and assist with the work of board. Call a club officer - Phone numbers are available on page 15 of the newsletter, as are email addresses. Mail links are also available at: http://patacs.org/boardpat.html

PATACS' fiscal year is 10/1 - 9/30/YY. At the October Board meeting, an annual budget for the fiscal year is approved, based on the budget proposal prepared by the 1st Vice President, in his role as the chair of the Financial Oversight Committee. The Society's Annual Financial Report of the Treasurer is also approved at this meeting, for the immediate past fiscal year. Annual reports are published in the group's POSTS newsletter, and may be found here:

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