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APCUG November 2023 Photo Contest Winner - Spring Flowers Category
2nd Place - Gary Oddi: Flower at Night

PATACS 45th Anniversary Celebratory Luncheon, 4/15/32
Photos by Henry Winokur unless otherwise noted

PATACS Founded as Tandy Computer User Group, May 1978
Gotta Have a Cake !!
Leti and Nancy setting up the lunch table

The Food's Home - snap by PLH
Henry carves the cake - snap by Leti

Luncheon prep in the social room - - - - - - Raffle for two laptops and flash drives

PATACS Donation to Friends of OLLI - 3/18/23
Totaling $4250 Since 2009

Photo: John Krout

PATACS Donation to OLLI / OPCUG, 4/16/22

Donation to OLLI 04/16/22 PATACS presented a check for $500 to Bob Heyer, OPCUG coordinator and OLLI Board member, who received the donation on behalf of the Friends of OLLI. The funds are designated for technology and facilities improvements to the TA1 classroom. PATACS contributions to OLLI since 2010 total $3750. Three flat panel monitors for use at the joint meetings and PC Clinic sessions were also donated to OPCUG earlier in the partnership.

John Krout - 2021 APCUG National Photo Contest Winner
Hometown Pride: Fireworks over Lincoln Monument / Arlington Memorial Bridge

PATACS Donation to OLLI / OPCUG, 3/20/21
- via OLLI's E-News 4/2/2021

APCUG 2020 Photo Contest - 3rd Place, Inside Spaces Category
OPCUG, John Nash - Eggs

Fall Celebration Luncheon, 11/16/2019

Groaning Board
Groaning Board for Fall Celebratory OPCUG / PATACS Lunch
Catering by Leti - Yummy !!
Groaning Board
Shrimp and Veggies, Mind the Chips
Groaning Board
Pasta and ....
Groaning Board
..... Sausage and Peppers !!
Groaning Board
Buns 'n Bread 'n Spread
Cold Cuts 'n Cheeezzze
Wecome Who?
What? Cake was to read "Welcome Fall" - Go Figure?

PATACS Donation Presentation to Friends of OLLI - 2/16/19

John Krout - APCUG 2018 National Photo Contest Winners

USMC Memorial - John Krout
1st Place - Architecture: USMC Memorial, Arlington, VA

Canaan Valley
2nd Place - Landscape - Canaan Valley

December 2018 Presentations

APCUG Photo Contest Winner John Krout Won Two Awards

Certificates and Loot! An SD card for his camera, presented by APCUG Rep Gabe Goldberg.

John admires his hidden 1st Place SD card; Paul gets the 'silly hat' award;
Gabe mulls the sacrifices he has to make as APCUG Rep.
Henry's wrestling with an unfamiliar phone cam.

May 19, 2018 - 40th Anniversary Meeting
Photos by Henry Winokur

It's Official - it's got 'Cake' !!

Meeting Audience for "The End of Privacy" Presentation

BJ Mendelson Presentation on Privacy
Attendee Jon Bernstein, President of Washington Apple Pi on screen from London, England

PATACS President Paul Howard talks about group members and the 40 years of club history

Leti's catering from the East

And from the West

And from the North

Steven Wertime cuts the mile-high cake he donated for the Anniversary

The gang chows down. Jorn caught breaking his diet.

May 19, 2018 - 40th Anniversary Meeting
Photos by Dan Feighery

Let them eat cake!

To the food - March!

Leti's delicious vegan chilli

Buffet Grazers Anonymous

Lots More to Come - Real Soon Now !

Presentation to Friends of OLLI - April 21, 2018

OLLI Development Chair Leslie Bubenhofer receives check for $250.
Since 2009, WACUG / PATACS has donated $2000 to the Friends of OLLI,
and 3 flat panel displays to OPCUG, valued at $358.

Experts Panel - February 17, 2018

Tom, Roger, Ray

June 17, 2017
Audience watches Judy Taylour's Presentation
OPCUG / PATACS Audience Watches Judy Taylour's Presentation on 'Do Not Call Registry / Nomorobo'

Dan Feighery
Dan Feighery Presented "Photography as a Retirement Hobby"
Session Photos by Steven Wertime

PATACS Presentation of Donation to Friends of OLLI Fund, 02/18/2017
Lesley Bubenhofer, Terri Feldmeyer, Paul Howard
Lesley Bubenhofer and Terri Feldmeyer accept check on behalf of Friends of OLLI

January 4, 2017
Carlin Hall 2017 Kickoff - Steven, Jack, Ron, Mel, Bill, Nick


Carlin Hall 2017 Kickoff - Jim, Gabe, Charles, Steven, Jack, Ron

PATACS Presentation of Donation to Friends of OLLI Fund, 03/19/2016
OLLI President Glenn Kamber and Development Committee Chair Lesley Bubenhofer
accept check from Treasurer Paul Howard.

Since joint meetings began in January of 2009, PATACS has donated a total of $1500,
and three flat panel monitors valued at $358 to our OLLI partners.

PATACS Meeting at Tysons Microsoft Store, 12/02/2015

PATACS Member Rita Gustin's Award Winning Photo
APCUG "People' Category, 3rd Place, 2015

Taken in Yellowstone National Park

PATACS / OPCUG PC Clinic     June 20th, 2015

Photos by Dan Feighery

Photos by Dan Feighery


March 21, 2015

Arrgh! Tough questions - and they covet my hat!
Catering By Carole

Shrimp !!
Celebrating Spring - at last!
You really need an excuse for a party?
Call me anything but late for lunch!
Kathy's velvet cake - delicious!
Sharing conversation and a byte.
Bob Flores discusses security.

OLLI President Glenn Kamber and Development Chair Lesley Bubenhofer receive $250 check for Friends of OLLI from PATACS Treasurer Paul Howard at joint OPCUG / PATACS meeting of Jan 17, 2015.

PATACS donation to Friends of OLLI

Roger's 3D Printer made a clone of Mel !!

3D Printer

Photo by Dan Feighery

PC Clinic Tech Team assist with a laptop problem, December 2014

Clinic Helpers Assist with Laptop

Four Photos by Dan Feighery

Walter Fraser chats with Mel Mikosinski at the sign-in table, June 2014

Geof Goodrum helps Steve Wertime with creating a dual-boot setup for installing Linux on a laptop.

Roger Fujii and Nick Wenri wrestle with a recalcitrant laptop.

Jim Miller and Don Ferrett help OLLI staff with software upgrades to instructional laptops, having completed ten this week.

Celebratory Cake Recognizing Our 6 Year Partnership with OPCUG and 36th Anniversary of Our Founding as the Tandy Computer User Group in 1978

Recognition Award to Newsletter Editor Blair Jones for 24 Years of Service to NCTCUG and PATACS

Hi All,

What an astonishing surprise -- thank you all so much for the clock and the (makes me blush) plaque on it! Totally unexpected!

I've put it on a shelf in the living room where I'll see it often.

p.s. it did remind me of the clock episode in Are You Being Served!

March 15, 2014 Meeting
PATACS / OPCUG Joint Meeting

Photos by Ernestine Meyer

PATACS Secretary Bill Walsh Presents Check to OLLI President Martha Scanlon and Director Bill Reader

OLLI President Martha Scanlon Accepts PATACS' Donation to the Friends of OLLI
(OLLI Director Bill Reader Looks On)

OLLI's Bill Reader Remarks on PATACS' Donation to the Friends of OLLI
as OLLI President Martha Scanlon and PATACS 2nd Vice President Mel Mikosinski Observe

February 5, 2014 Meeting
Arlington Help Desk Session

Photos & Collage by Eddy Tor

July 20th, 2013 Meeting
Fairfax Meeting

Photos by Dan Feighery, Collage by Eddy Tor
Overcoming the Physical Stresses of Computer Use
The Internet & Genealogy Research

June 26, 2013 Meeting
Return to Carlin Hall

May 18, 2013 Meeting
35th Anniversary Celebration

Photos by Dan Feighery, Catering by Carole
Collages by Eddy Tor

PATACS 35th Anniversary Cake

Feb 16, 2013
Paul Howard Presents $250 Check To 'Friends of OLLI' Fund
Development Chair Lesley Bubenhofer and President John Woods Accept
Photo from video by Bill Walsh

John, Lesley, Paul

July 21, 2012
Susan Kousek, Balanced Spaces, Presents

June 16, 2012
Sam Clay, Director of Fairfax County Public Library System
Talks with John Woods, OLLI President

May 19, 2012
Tom Gutnick of Sunny Banana IT Consulting Presents

February 18, 2012
Geof Goodrum Presents $250 Check To 'Friends of OLLI'
Director Dick Young and President Manny Pablo Accept

Geof Goodrum Presents 3 Flat Panel Monitors To OLLI
Director Bob Persell and Development Chair John Woods Accept

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