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PATACS's Webinar Special Interest Group
Scheduled (by request only)
for 2nd Wednesdays, 7 - 9 PM

PATACS's Webinar SIG was formalized on February 10th 2010, as an Internet-based meeting. Members meet via Zoom, Skype and other applications. The SIG's ultimate goal is finding appropriate software tools to hold audio and video teleconferences that can be used to allow PATACS meeting presentations to be shared with members remotely located from our regular Arlington & Fairfax meeting places. Using web conferencing also allows the group to meet when weather or issues such as facility scheduling prevent in-person meetings.

Mel Mikosinski serves as SIG leader for this effort. He can be reached at melvin22003(at)aol.com

Jan 2015: The SIG has used Zoom most successfully for the past two years, and software is available for PC, Android devices, Mac, and iDevices.

A headset style mic and earphone are the recommended audio tools of choice. They generally work better,(avoiding feedback) than using stand-alone computer speakers and the mic included in a web cam. To participate fully, you will need a web cam. However, you may participate strictly by audio, if you wish. Earphones are also suggested for use with smartphones and tablets. A high speed internet connection of at least DSL speed is required to participate.

Participants are responsible for providing their own after-meeting refreshments, because of complaints about the "Virtual Pizza, Salad, and Sichuan" goodies provided by the Society.

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